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SauderBuilt Building Process


We have a unique, four stage process for building our custom homes.  Customer service and personal attention along with honest communication is what sets our building process apart from other home builders.  

1. Design Stage

One of the best parts about building a new home is getting to make all of the decisions. You probably have a wish list of all your favorite features and your family’s needs in a home. In the design phase we, along with the help of an architect, will help you explore all of your options and come up with a design that is just right for you and your family. In this stage of the process, building site selection and layout are important considerations. Good plans are designed to take advantage of and optimize the site conditions. We will discuss budget targets and start working on the preliminary drawings. Preliminary drawings are reviewed and revised until the final drawings are perfect. Our goal is to lead you through this process in a smooth and enjoyable manner. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the finished plans for your new home by the end of this stage.

3. Building Phase

By the time we arrive at the home construction phase, we have already spent significant time deciding what your project involves. You will make decisions on your allowance items during this phase. We will recommend suppliers and designers to help you through the process. The quality of your home is directly related to the people who are working on it and their desire for quality. Mark and his key employees are on the job site and are involved in all aspects of the construction. You are welcome on the job site at any point during all stages of construction to view progress and offer input.

2. Bidding Stage

Once the plans are finished, the next step is to determine the cost of your new home. We will meet to discuss everything that you want included in the bid. We will guide the discussion and offer advice and suggestions as needed. Allowances are used for cabinets, flooring, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and appliances. A budget is set for these allowances at this time even though the actual selections for these items are made later in the process. We will talk about your expectations regarding these items and try to set these allowances appropriately. We will calculate a price for your project after these determinations have been made.  We will clearly state what is included in the price when the bid is presented to you. We may also discuss a few related items that are not included in the bid. Our goal is to make this a complete bid with no budget surprises later in the process. We welcome and appreciate the chance to give you a competitive bid if you have already started this process with another builder. Likewise, if you start this process with us you are welcome to seek competitive bids. In our design process the drawings are your property.

4. Possession and Service

The day has finally arrived to take possession and move into your new home! It is a day that you can enjoy and celebrate. Thank you for the opportunity to build your new custom home! Be assured that we are committed to the warranty of your SauderBuilt home. All homes include the standard 1, 2 and 10 year warranties commonly talked about in the home building industry. However, these expressed warranties fall short of the level of warranty service that we provide our customers. The goal of our warranty service is to make you a satisfied customer for life.  The kind of customer that would gladly refer us to friends and family. Please visit our                                           page to see what our homeowners have to say about their SauderBuilt experience.

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