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SauderBuilt Testimonials


We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction.  Many of our customers come to us from word of mouth referrals.  Here is what our previous customers have to say about their experiences with SauderBuilt.


"We would build with Mark and his team 100 times again.  

The most pleasurable experience a homeowner can have.  The building process is tough and Mark's team made it easy.  Definitely would recommend and would also build a another house with SauderBuilt. We were pleased with the quality, cleanliness, communication and felt his costs were reasonable."


- Bill and Karen Johnson


"We have a high quality home and SauderBuilt is easy to work with. 

The customer service we received could not have been better including our interactions with all of the sub contractors. Any modifications we made to the project were promptly acknowledged and documented with any cost changes.  We knew where we were cost wise with the project at all times so there were no bad surprises. We had two minor callbacks, and they were done promptly and free of any charge.  We have complete confidence in SauderBuilt and trust Mark 100%."


Coleen Conrad

"This was the first house that we ever had built for us. 

I ran into difficulties at times just figuring out what was happening and how to explain what we really wanted in various areas of the house as the building progressed.  Mark Sauder, his construction crew, and his subcontractors were especially good at helping us to formulate questions and then answering those questions for us.  We found that the customer service during and after construction was pretty darn good.  We always received sufficient information to make a comfortable decision. To be honest, we have been greatly impressed with the quality of the house since we moved in almost seven years ago."


- George Gecowets

"SauderBuilt builds quality homes.

We can see the difference in the quality of our home compared to others on our street that were built at the same time. Mark does things the way that they should be done. He does not cut corners or use cheap materials and you can tell. The customer service at SauderBuilt is fantastic. 16 years after building our house I can still call Mark and have him give me information or he has even come out to take a look at something. I recommend SauderBuilt to anyone looking to build or remodel. SauderBuilt is the only builder that we will ever use. We are still loving our home 16 years later."


- Melissa Jimenez 


"We feel our home is a quality-built home. 

It was built with precision and attention to detail. We would and have already recommended a SauderBuilt home to family and friends because we have confidence it would be built with the same quality and preciseness, as our home."


- Charles Clark

"We enjoyed watching

the old 1884 house be transformed into a more modern home.  We had never done anything like this previously, so we learned a lot about all the decisions that have to be made.  Probably the most fascinating part had to be raising the house to put the new basement below."


- Kathy Sauder

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